VA Dallas Wayfinding

VA Dallas Wayfinding

Location: Dallas, TX
Project Size: 1.5 M SF

Project Overview:

Campus-wide wayfinding and signage project for both interior and exterior spaces of the 1.5 million GSF facility and wayfinding and signage for the entire 84 acre campus. Services included planning, design, programming, project management and oversight of construction and signage installation. Wayfinding, as defined by our consultant on this project, is “the means by which people naturally gather information to guide themselves through unfamiliar environments. In the built environment,  key elements including landmarks, pathways, edges, areas, intersections in addition to signage are used to assist the user to navigate to their destination”. For this facility, each level has a theme and color that is unique and used in design of the destination directories. An interactive 1:50 site model was designed with push button lighting to illuminate (by color) the major buildings and parking areas serving that building.

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