SAA architects

Our Green and Sustainable Design Process

Area Assessment

Pre-Design Phase

Verify current conditions of the building or space; specify the client’s needs adhering to green-building and sustainable design practices.


Schematic Design

Develop solutions that will meet the client’s long-term goals for sustainability and select design style preferences.


Design Development

Select smart design elements that are functional, comfortable, and contribute to a sustainable environment; present design for review. Develop Construction Documents.


We’ve always considered a building’s impact on the environment to be one of the most important focuses when creating a design on any scale for our clients. Sustainable design elements are one of our specialties, and our team has decades of experience in using the most innovative ways to design energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly buildings.

Our green and sustainable process includes:

  • Utilizing an integrated design approach
  • Referencing the USGBC LEED Rating System
  • Evaluating and seeking solutions that optimize long-term goals and not just immediate certification criteria
  • Researching new products and innovative solutions that can provide added value

Sustainable Philosophy

Long before “green design” and “environmental design” became foundational elements of the architectural landscape, SAAarchitects and our partners incorporated smart design solutions into all of our projects. Our integrated design approach emphasizes collaboration by all team members to actively seek out answers to questions related to energy efficiency, daylighting, recycled content, solar orientation and many other aspects to produce highly effective, socially-conscious buildings. Smart design has always been our focus and commitment, and it will continue to hold an important role in all future project designs.

Half of the SAAarchitects staff is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited.