SAA architects

Our Interior Design Process

Building Assessment

Pre-Design Plan

We review pre-existing conditions of the space; specify client needs, mission, and vision to help build a detailed plan.


Design Direction

Highlight client’s goals for sustainability and design style preferences; develop color and functional area palettes.


Element Selection

Select interior finishes, materials, and furnishings for the space; present design for review.


Interior design is an important way of taking advantage of every opportunity available in a space to make it align with your vision. A built environment without an intentional, authentic, and creative interior design is leaving behind unused potential.

Our interior design process is a fluid system. We focus on bringing your style and personality to light through visible finish materials, design of the spaces’ furniture, fixtures, equipment, lighting, and acoustics. Our team focuses on client comfort, durability, and long-term function of the built environment when selecting interior design elements.