SAA architects

Our Project Delivery Services

Real Estate Research

SAAarchitects’ real estate research process uses a proactive approach. We have developed long-term relationships with members of the realtor and broker communities, which helps to reinforce the preliminary design phase. Our team offers municipality zoning ordinance review, site examination, and recommendations with respect to code and ordinance requirements. We will coordinate with real estate brokers on current market analysis and trends and with market specialists on feasibility studies based on their research and demand.

Site Analysis

SAAarchitects provides our clients with services to assist in site selection for a project. Our team is ready to provide an analysis of your program and any alternative sites, site utilization studies, planning and zoning requirements, site context, historic resources, utilities, environmental impact, parking, and site circulation. We are experienced in working hand-in-hand with civil engineers and landscape architects to review local zoning requirements and/or ordinances that impact a site and proposed use.

Code Analysis

We’re happy to offer code analysis assistance, based on local municipality, state, and federal requirements. Our process includes an analysis of a project’s design for compliance with applicable codes, a meeting with building code officials and the plans reviewer to review interpretations and applicability, and an analysis of alternative codes that may apply based on the specialty of project type.

Construction Administration

Our team’s construction administration services are used to conduct regular team meetings on-site with design, construction, and owner representatives. SAAarchitects will observe compliance of construction completed to date, review payment applications, change orders, and product submittals, and answer Requests for Information (RFI).

Project Management

For project management needs, SAAarchitects acts as the advisor to clients and teams and is the single point of contact for coordinating all involved parties. We will conduct team meetings, complete meeting minutes, spearhead communications, and manage schedules to ensure all requirements are met on time and on budget.