Bringing your brand to life through functional, comfortable design.

Our approach to architecture keeps your goals and interests as the top priority from the start.

SAAarchitects has extensive experience designing commercial and industrial properties. Our team has designed projects across a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, retail, corporate headquarters, hospitality, manufacturing, warehousing/distribution, and more. Whether it’s new construction or an interior renovation, we keep energy efficiency and long-lasting performance in mind while maintaining our client’s budget.

We strive to maintain our clients’ brand weaved throughout the entire commercial or industrial design, combined with elements that will strengthen functionality and promote business. Our team never comes to the table with a template to create your design. We discover what your needs are, research innovative strategies, pinpoint what would be most helpful for your internal team and end users, and craft a design fit for each of these specific purposes. At SAAarchitects, we are also familiar with working with national brand design standards and fully complying with those design criteria.

Commercial & Industrial Portfolio

Commercial architecture takes a particular skill set. All elements of the designed space—form, layout, features, materials, color selection, and finishes—must not only have the right feel, attract the right attention, and make the appropriate statement; but must also be built for the long-term. This includes the aspect of creating secure environments to protect your staff and assets.

SAAarchitects keeps your end-users in mind from the beginning as well. We make sure your visitors can effectively navigate through your space. This combined with constant collaboration and communication with your team, makes for a solid commercial or industrial design.