Bringing communities together with custom building design.

Does your recreation center’s design fit your community’s needs?

SAAarchitects has worked with various community organizations to assist with the planning, design, and construction of new and renovated recreation facilities for their community members. Projects for these non-profit and for-profit organizations range from a food bank distribution center, to a youth and family ‘black box’ theatre, to a local farmer’s market. We are always looking for opportunities to support our communities on many levels!

Our client-centered approach ensures that your community’s specific needs are the driving force behind all design decisions. We work closely with our clients to determine specific functions, challenges, and desires for the space so that the architectural plan is customized from beginning to end to fit your needs.

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If you’re ready to develop a space that brings your community together with common interests, we’re ready to help make sure this happens with ease. Our team is inspired by the communities seeking to improve the resources available for their members and is eager to help in this process. Below are some of the previous projects we have completed with community organizations.