Brook Hill Residence

Brook Hill Residence

Location: York, PA
Project Size: 2,500 SF

Project Overview:

The innovative and eco-friendly Brook Hill Residence in York County, PA was designed using state-of-the-art green building techniques. Architectural features include a spacious single floor and open-plan living layout. Cork flooring, a sustainable and recyclable material, was used throughout the residence in addition to all-LED lighting. Geothermal heating and cooling maximizes the property’s energy efficiency. This unique property was recently named a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for Homes certified home, and is the only property in York County to boast this accomplishment.

Other features include:

— Passive solar orientation with major glass areas on the south and clerestory windows on the north. This also helps the residence turn it’s back on the street, as the clerestory windows on the north (street) entrance side maximize privacy.

— Large overhangs shield south facing windows, the foundation and walls, further assisting in the passive solar functions and keeping water driven deterioration away from the walls and foundations.

— Zip-R sheathing system provides continuous foam insulation wrapping the entire house to maximize energy efficiency. Roxul insulation in exterior wall cavities provides superior insulating and fire resistant properties than traditional fiberglass insulation.

— Natural light and light infiltration is maximized throughout by the use of Suntunnels, skylights and etched glass doors; at night, light fixtures in the suntunnels provide energy efficient LED light from the same light source.

— Whole house ERV system provides constant air exchange, pre-cooling warm air and pre-heating cold air to provide maximum ventilation and humidity control and eliminates the need for traditional items such as bathroom fans.

— Fiber cement siding and composite wood materials on the exterior and cork flooring throughout the interior maximizes use of sustainable materials with recyclable content throughout