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Architectural Design
We believe there should be collaboration between the entire team of architects, engineers, owner and contractors, as well as plan review agencies to provide a well-rounded architectural design service. We creatively approach designs from various angles with no pre-conceived notions to provide a unique experience for each client, project and application.

  • Develop a wide spectrum of site analysis, programming, budgeting, and cost estimating
  • Produce documents consisting of drawings and specifications for various design phases, from conceptual to completion of construction
  • Capabilities for Design-Build or Design-Bid-Build

Interior Design
The built environment is further enhanced by detailing it to the final finishes. We focus on every element to ensure ultimate comfort for the client and make decisions to best accentuate the unique features of the space.

  • Address the visible finish materials, design of the spaces’ furniture, fixtures, equipment, lighting and acoustics
  • Focus on client comfort, durability, a client’s image and long term function of the built environment

Green & Sustainable Design
Green & sustainable design is smart design and reinforces our deep-rooted, ongoing investment of a building’s impact on the environment.

  • Integrated design approach
  • Familiar with USGBC LEED Rating System
  • Evaluate and seek solutions that optimize long term goals, not just immediate certification criteria
  • Research new products and innovative ways to design energy efficient buildings

Feasibility Studies
Feasibility Studies are highly recommended for adaptive reuse projects, as they are an overview of the current conditions of an existing building and will quickly determine if the proposed strategy is realistic of moving forward.

  • Assessment and documentation of current conditions with respect to use, materials, age, condition, systems, and future uses if project is a reuse of existing structure
  • Conduct interview with owner to determine space needs
  • Research historic limitations or qualifications and conduct initial code review
  • Produce preliminary cost estimates of initial construction and long term operation & maintenance to anticipate any budgetary constraints or obstacles
  • Develop timeline of events to reach goal

Project Management
SAAarchitects acts as the advisor to clients and teams and is the single point of contact for coordinating all involved parties.

  • Conduct team meetings
  • Complete all meeting minutes and spearhead communications
  • Manage schedule to ensure all requirements are met on time and on budget

Construction Administration Services
SAAarchitects’ Construction Administration Services are used to conduct regular team meetings on site with design, construction and owner representatives.

  • Observe compliance of construction completed to date
  • Review payment applications, change orders, product submittals
  • Answer Requests for Information (RFI)

Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program
SAAarchitects communicates with local, state and federal agencies regarding applicable grants, qualifications, and certifications that are feasible.

  • Prepare applications for National Register status
  • Research local archives and libraries
  • Provide documentation of existing conditions

Code Review Analysis
Code analysis based on local municipality, state and federal requirements.

  • Analysis of project and design for compliance with applicable codes
  • Meet one on one with Building Code Officials and plans reviewer to review interpretations and applicability
  • Review alternative codes that may apply based on specialty of project type

Site Analysis
SAAarchitects provides the owner with services to assist in site selection for a project.

  • Provide analysis of the owner’s program and alternative sites, site utilization studies, planning and zoning requirements, site context, historic resources, utilities, environmental impact, parking and site circulation
  • Work hand in hand with civil engineers and landscape architects to review local zoning requirements and/or ordinances that impact site and proposed usage
  • Site examination

Real Estate Research
SAAarchitects’ proactive approach and long-term relationships with members of the realtor and broker communities reinforces the preliminary design phase.

  • Municipality zoning ordinance review
  • Site examination and recommendations with respect to code and ordinance requirements
  • Coordinate with Real Estate Brokers on current market analysis and trends
  • Coordinate with market specialists on feasibility studies based on their research and demand

Government Projects
Along with innovative design ideas, SAAarchitects has an extensive portfolio that includes municipal township buildings, community park facilities, Pennsylvania Department of General Services, and Veterans Affairs projects.

  • Manage all forms and move paperwork through the proper channels for government-funded projects
  • Ability to carefully structure each team to meet each project’s specific needs and balance project requirements with a close adherence to client budgets and schedules
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