Project Highlight: Lallemand/American Yeast Lab

Project Highlight: Lallemand/American Yeast Lab

January 12, 2017
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In Dundalk, Maryland, we were recently part of the complete demolition, temporary relocation, and construction/reconfiguration of a test lab for Lallemand/American Yeast. The renovated lab area is comprised of program spaces which make up the general lab as well as a bake lab and micro lab, totaling 850 square feet.

To complete this project, we worked in conjunction with design builder Keystruct Construction. We looked to create a more efficient layout space that would be able to better accommodate the lab’s new equipment, while maintaining a sterile environment. In addition, the building’s interior was completed with fresh, new finishes including epoxy floors, custom casework, and chemical and stain-resistant epoxy resin work surfaces.

American Yeast was founded in 1923, and later purchased by Lallemand. It has been in operation since that time, producing bakers’ and brewers’ yeast and working to do so in a quality and efficient environment. The new lab will provide a space to accommodate the latest technologies in this important process, and to ultimately produce a product that is used up and down the East Coast.

American Yeast

Interior, American Yeast Lab


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