Lykens Apartments Celebrate Grand Opening with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Lykens Apartments Celebrate Grand Opening with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

August 5, 2017
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We were recently part of a very exciting ribbon cutting ceremony for the grand opening of the Lykens apartments!
These 28-unit buildings (the old Lykens Hotel and Israel Building) are located across from one another on the 600 block of Main Street in Lykens, PA.
These projects have been termed both “architectural and renovation marvels” and “the catalyst for further economic development” in their town.
On Wednesday, July 12th we joined with elected officials, residents, developing partners and Home Leasing LLC to cut the ribbon on the apartment complex, announcing the official opening of this beautiful $11.1 million project. It now boasts a rental community complete with 17 one-bedroom units, six two-bedroom units and 5 studio apartments.
It is always exciting when we can help to preserve the beauty of something old and make it new and useful for the town again. We hope to see continued development for Lykens in the future thanks to the commitment of Lykens Community Development Corporation and other individuals dedicated to preserving and improving their beautiful city.

Lykens Apartments Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

SAAarchitects celebrates the grand opening of the Lykens Apartments during a ribbon cutting ceremony.


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