May 18, 2012

Phase One Linden Lofts Complete

Phase one of three for the Linden Lofts in York County is complete. SAA designed 29 loft style residencies in a former Wagon and Gear Company dated back to 1900. The Linden Lofts feature a large safe and secure courtyard allowing natural light into each residence. SAA integrated historic features such as preserving wood column covers, stained glass and large walk-in York Company Safes into each living space.


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Regional Shopping Complex

SAA has created a concept for a new shopping complex to be built in an undisclosed York, Pennsylvania location inspired by the convenience of a town center. The footprint is a single-building mall designed so that storefronts have the appearance of being individual structures. The complex is composed of similar materials as other buildings in the region, but used in a contemporary manner giving the impression of a larger regional retail center.

February 22, 2012

Wheatlyn on Schedule for June Opening

Only a few more months before the Wheatlyn Family Medicine building in East Manchester Township opens its doors. The masonry is being laid and the metal roof is nearing completion. Progress continues in the interior as well; drywall is in place and lighting will be installed within the next few weeks.

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